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Orlando Florida property management companies and compliance management for apartments and senior apt communities.  
Orlando Florida property management companies and apartment search in TX, MN, RI, NY, FL, and VA.
Orlando property management companies and best apartments in FL, TX, RI, MN, VA and NY.
Orlando Florida best apartments and FL property management company at Cambridge Management Services, Inc.

Management Services


Third Party Management

Cambridge Management Services Incorporated is a progressive full service property management company providing cost effective property management and asset management to multifamily dwellings. Our management team has a wide range of experience and operational knowledge in property management. Cambridge manages more than 5,500 units in Florida, New York and Minnesota. We have been serving our communities since 1991.   As a fee manager, CMSI easily accommodates a broad spectrum of real estate management needs, including conventional apartments, senior apartments, affordable housing programs, Section 42, conversion management, reposition and rehabilitation management, and receiverships. From lease-up to stabilized properties, from mid-rises to traditional garden style developments, we possess the character and experience to complete the job with accuracy. Our Procurement Policy is based on the HUD CFR 24 85.36 regulations, and all applicable state and local laws.
Our goal is a commitment to excellence, serving our communities to benefit our residents, employees and investors. Our objective is to protect and maximize real estate and asset value through superior service and commitment to our clients. Our philosophy is to uphold occupancy, control expenses, build resident relations, and strive to foster a strong sense of team work and community. Each assignment requires a strategic market-driven perspective. Our team implements a comprehensive set of services, due diligence, analyses and reporting for each property under management. Backed by state-of-the art information and communication systems, Cambridge Management Services Incorporated provides the support and resources to maximize the potential of each real estate investment, and properly serve the strategic investor.

Pre-REAC Inspections Advantages

Cambridge Management Services, Inc. new leading edge UPCS and Pre-REAC Application for Mobile Devices is a notable tool and is of vital significance to control Pre-REAC Inspections, Annual Inspections, and assessing your portfolio’s performance. With our services you gain more knowledge, insight, awareness, and more potential for the resolution of the deficiencies; and the time interval for resolution prior to the formal REAC Inspection.
The mobile product works to:
Conduct inspections using your iPad or Android Tablet and records violations with the exact wording of the UPCS Inspection Code, generating a REAC score as you go.
Reference an integrated UPCS Field Guide to view clear descriptions of the violations with photographic examples for each violation.
Schedule and create effective UPCS Inspections Reports for LIHTC, HOME, and HUD properties.
Provides precise comments and instructions, and track completion of repairs to all recorded violations.
Analyzes inspection results and instantly create comprehensive reports.
Records violations quickly and efficiently without complicated processes or tedious checklists.
Management can commence on the work orders immediately upon inspection eliminating the aggregate of deficient physical, health and safety issues.
We also provide the software and hardware training for the maintenance supervisor or manager to complete their own inspections, as well.
© 2012, All Rights Reserved. Welcome to Cambridge Management Services, Inc property management company located in Orlando Florida. We offer property management services for apartments, townhomes, and other multi-family apartment properties and companies. Cambridge Management Services Inc, located in the Orlando and Central FL area, manages and maintains apartment properties in Florida, Minnesota, Rhode Island and New York. CMSI sets a high standard for property management and property management services in FL, MN, RI and NY. Our apartment property management services obtain some of the best property management results in Central Florida. Contact our companies for the best apartment property management in Central FL.

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