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Cambridge Compliance Specialty Services for all of your Affordable Housing Needs

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Compliance for the best property management companies by Cambridge Management Services Inc in Orlando Florida FL.
Cambridge Management’s Compliance Team of highly experienced and trained professionals specialize in various affordable housing programs such as LIHTC, SHIP, SAIL, BOND, RTC, CFCRC, HUD, Housing Trust, AHL, and HOME for Local, County, State and Federal programs. Our Team’s diverse experience makes them adept at understanding the needs and challenges of Affordable Housing. In turn, this gives them the ability to effectively communicate complex housing regulations and concepts clearly and concisely. Cambridge Management Services, Inc. is a HUD approved management agent and our Team of Compliance Professionals, accreditations and certifications are nationally recognized.
National Memberships
National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA)
Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association (SAHMA)
National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA)
National Center for Housing Management (NCHM)
National Multi Housing Council (NHMC)
Florida Housing Finance Corporation (FHFC)
National Apartment Association (NAA)
Coalition for Affordable Housing Providers (CAHP)
National Certifications
HUD Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS)
Housing Credit Certified Professionals (HCCP)
- National Compliance Professional (NCP)
- National Compliance Professional Executive (NCP-E)

Cambridge offers a unique approach to your business operations and success by tailoring our services to best suit your compliance needs. With competitive and reasonable pricing, our Compliance Services include the following:

Capital Needs Assessments – All Owners and management companies can benefit from an analysis of the condition of their property and plans for maintaining them long term. Assessment of the capital needs balances a commitment to residents and investment partners for a strategic return on investments.
100% File Audits – Let our compliance professionals conduct a 100% review of all unit files and help resolve deficient compliance audit findings. You will receive a detailed report of all units’ findings provided with a weekly follow up program (based on those findings and subsequent corrections by on-site staff). Support will be provided for the next 60 days to ensure all findings were cured.
Compliance Screening and File Pre-Approvals – Our experienced Compliance Specialists can provide continuous monitoring of all occupant files and property program requirements to ensure you remain compliant.
New application files are sent to us by email or fax for review with a turn-around time of 24 hours or less.
Our second set of eyes will add that extra comfort in knowing that all households’ qualify prior to move-in.
All approvals are given in writing on a “file worksheet” that is created for each individual property. We review proper completion and documentation of all tenant applications, income and asset verifications, certifications, student status documentation, and check accuracy of all income and asset calculations for both move-in and annual re-certifications.
What could be better than a Second set of eyes? How about a Third set? That’s right, the screening doesn’t stop there! A Compliance Professional will also make on-site visits at least every 6 months, if not quarterly, to review proper organization of the files and ensure that what was seen during the approval process is what remains in each tenant’s original file.
Federal, State, and County Audits
We will implement and oversee the audit process, preparation and responses to ensure the property stays in compliance with regulatory agreements and agency specific requirements
From Initial Notice of an Audit thru Close-Out, our team will prepare, guide and assist all on-site staff from “What to Expect” to key ingredients in “Achieving Audit Success”.
Prior to the audit, an internal review of at least a 10% sampling of the files, units, buildings, amenities, and overall site conditions will be conducted.
A Compliance Specialist will handle all correspondence with the monitoring agency to ensure proper information is communicated and will prepare/provide all necessary documentation throughout the audit process.
Representation by a certified specialist at all audits.
Required State Reporting and Filing of the Annual Owner Certifications (AOC’s) – Whether you just need that second set of eyes to review reports prior to submission to the state monitoring agents or actual completion and submission of reports, we’ve got you covered!
Compliance Training / Manuals / Forms – The one thing consistent in the wonderful world of compliance is “CHANGE”. Our Compliance experts are required to continue their education in the Affordable Housing Industry so they are on the cutting edge of all changes and can implement the educational material for your staff.
One-on-one compliance training, group trainings and webinars will be provided for on-site associates based on their level of experience. Material is customized to outline the specific needs and requirements of the property’s program(s).
A compliance manual will be created to include all required forms, policies, and procedures ensuring consistent accuracy of file processing.
Voucher Filings – We will train your on-site staff for HUD voucher filing and understanding of HAP contracts.
Lease-Ups, Kick Starts of New Communities, First Year Files, and Rehab/Acquisitions
Approval of all lease-up files, completion of 120 day report and pre-occupancy calls to the State.
Review of your Land Use Restriction and/or Extended Use Agreement will generate a “Cheat Sheet” detailing requirements that will help your sites understand the commitments made within these agreements.
First year “qualifying” files are scanned on a disk and maintained at our corporate office.
Income Limits, Rents, and Utility Allowances
Annual calculations of the income limits and rents will be monitored, completed, and distributed to the on-site staff within one week of their verified release date each year.
The utility allowances will be updated and monitored quarterly.
Director of Compliance and Senior Compliance Manager will assist in determining the appropriate time frame to apply the income limit, rent or utility allowance changes to maximize your properties income potential.
Organization of Tenant Files
Provide and put into operation a detailed checklist system for each section of Tenant Files using Cambridge Management Compliance formatting.
Our Team will organize all Tenant Files using the detailed checklist for quick reference.
When in doubt…ASK. We are here to help you! Compliance Specialty Services will ALWAYS be available to communicate with the On-Site Associates, Executive Management, Asset Managers, and Owners. Providing timely responses, guidance, and suggestions…..WE are your Affordable Housing Support Team!!!

Compliance Services for HUD Properties

100% File Audit of initial certification and most recent 4 years with review of:
Income Verifications
Asset Verifications
Expense Verifications
Proper calculation of Income, Assets & Expenses
Ensuring the most current & required HUD forms are being used
Will provide a detailed spreadsheet of file corrections (if any)
Organization of Tenant Files:
Provide and implement a detailed checklist for each section of tenant file using our format
Organize tenant files using the above checklist for quick reference

Review and/or Create Affordable Fair Housing Marketing Plan, Grievance Procedures, Tenant Selection Plan (TSP), EIV set-up & required information

Set-Up of MOR Binder with the following:
Last 12 months of Vouchers
Affordable Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP)
Most recent MOR & corrections (if any)
OCAF/Rent Increase Documentation
Lease Compliance Forms
Tool/Appliance Inventory
EIV Questionnaire & User Information
House Rules & Regulations
Pet Addendum (if applicable)
Tenant Selection Plan (TSP)
Certifications, COS, Fair Housing, etc.
Most recent REAC Inspections (if any)
Follow-Up/Response to MOR findings:
Gather corrections from site for accuracy
Submit completed corrections to HUD
HUD Training on Tenant Files/Procedures
  FY 2013 HUD Income Limits
  HUD Handbook 4350.3
  UPCS Inspection Code Updates 2012
  REAC Notice Elevator
  REAC Pass Bulletin
  Federal Register Public Housing Assessment PHAS DOD
  Cambridge Management Reference Letters
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